Barcode validation from Vanomation is an upgrade option to the RPA2000 and LPA1000. This is a true closed-loop system that validates, grades, reports, overstrikes bad barcodes and reprints barcode labels when defective barcode labels are detected.

The addition of this upgrade feature to the RPA2000 and LPA1000 ensures that only machine readable barcode labels and printed and applied to pallets, containers and packages. This eliminates customer complaints and product rejections/returns related to unreadable barcode labels.

The systems works with all commonly used 1D and 2D barcode symbologies and is fully integrated with both the RPA2000 and LPA1000. The same barcode validation unit that is part of the RPA2000 and LPA1000 may also be used with standalone barcode label printers to ensure that all automated and manual barcode label printing systems produce high quality, machine readable labels.

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